IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference

                                               2nd International Workshop on Densely Connected Networks (DCN)

(note: the original title is “Workshop on Emerging Densely Connected Networks”, “emerging” is removed from the workshop title)

2. Scope and technical issues
Recently there has been an emerging trend that networks expand the coverage to home networks, personal networks, in-vehicle networks, etc. In such networks, there exist complex interactions among context-specific servers, various sensors and a large number of appliances and equipments. The network resources in such densely connected networks can become very much scarce especially when they are interconnected; furthermore, emerging applications such as peer-to-peer and streaming applications are typically oblivious to the complex structure of underlying networks and can easily abuse the scarce resources. Additionally, energy saving can become a key factor in network design. In wireline networks, proposals such as application-layer traffic optimization have become well-known potential solutions to addressing similar challenges; however, these approaches are no longer sufficient to address the more fundamental technical challenges in densely connected networks.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a dedicated forum and community for researchers and engineers to share the state-of-the-art innovations and developments on the emerging densely connected networks. In particular, the workshop will focus on technical challenges in and emerging architecture for densely connected networks where a significantly large number of tethered and mobile devices are connected and on top of which applications unaware of the complexity of underlying networks try to compete for the resources in an uncooperative fashion.

The workshop seeks submissions in the general areas of networking, content management, systems and applications that relate to dense networks. Topics include, but are not limited to:

+ Network architecture and its evolution of densely connected networks
+ Content dissemination via dense connectivity
+ Statistics, measurement, and evaluations of application-specific resource usage
+ Cooperative mechanisms via explicit or implicit communications
+ Caching mechanisms and system design in content dissemination for densely connected networks
+ Incentive models and dynamics of cooperation
+ Demonstration, prototype, deployment of cooperative frameworks
+ Performance measurement of cooperative network design
+ Network design that encourages cooperation and optimizes resource usage
+ Joint optimization for network and applications
+ Energy saving in densely connected networks

3. Important anticipated deadlines of the workshop
Paper Submission:                        September 19, 2011
Notification of acceptance:              October 1, 2011
Final Manuscript Submission:         October 14, 2011
Workshop presentations:                January 14, 2012

4. Detailed contact information of organizers
Co-Chair: Haiyong Xie
Principal Researcher
Huawei Research Labs – USA
2330 Central Expwy, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel: (408)330-4985
Fax: (408)330-5088

Co-Chair: Kuai Xu
Assistant Professor
Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Arizona State University at the West campus
Tel: (602)543-8189

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